A Little About Us

As founder of Ridiculous Winches, I, Ryan Walsh, swore to never "jump the gun", resulting in offering a machine prior to rigorous testing from our team of elite riders who trained using them for all board sports, ranging from wakeskating to wakeboarding to snowboarding while not leaving out all skiing applications and many more.  Since the development of our Pro Model winches, we've been providing the best known energy drink companies, christian camps, youth group associations, cable parks, online retailers, as well as riders from the entire spectrum of talent with that RIDICULOUSLY high-torque, high-speed, portable tow!

What started as a one-off "toy" build, for lack of better terms, in a small garage, has blossomed over just 8 short years to a merger of several self-owned companies under one roof operating within our 18,000 square foot, CNC machine filled facility. With the most technologically advanced CNC machines and trained staff, we are not only producing every component possible and the most durable, AMERICAN MADE winches in the market today, but also researching and developing up and coming products that words cannot describe beyond RIDICULOUS!

"The purchase of a Ridiculous Winch should not only be looked at as a personal accomplishment but rather the start to a whole new lifestyle!  Our claim to fame is that with nearly a thousand winches in existence, in every part of the world, we have yet to hear from a single customer needing anything other than an EASILY affordable consumable!"

-Ryan Walsh

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