While we welcome competition because we genuinely want to see the sport of “winching” grow, we are fed up with the amount of people that are being duped into buying something solely because of the low price and horsepower rating. Please don’t be fooled by the sticker displaying the number of horsepower on the side of the engine. While the horsepower rating is a concern, reliability and durability should go “hand in hand” when shopping for a winch. This is the reason we are a dealer and distributor for Subaru small engines ONLY!

We are asked to troubleshoot and in most cases fix/diagnose “other” people’s winches on a weekly basis. If you are reading this, you have found the ONLY company manufacturing the winch you should be considering!

Let us just start with the fact that while we understand there is no REAL competition out there today and there hasn’t been since the offering of our current product line, we know all the “garage winch builders” will read this and most likely copy what they can, either in design or with our verbage for their makeshift sites. Our reason for stating this to our customers is because if you see a machine that resembles ours in ANY way, know that we were here first, not with the idea of the winch, but with our design, shape, and so many rider-friendly attributes. We acknowledge that while “some” would love to disagree, those “some” doubted our mission 8 years ago, when we started our product line and we would ask them…”where are you today?” Our hearts have been in this industry since day one and rest assured we aren’t going anywhere!

Q: How much does the shipping cost and how long until I receive my winch?


Northeastern states – $250 – $300; 3-5 days

Southeastern states – $200 – $250; 1-3 days

Northwestern states – $250 – $300; 3-5 days

Southwestern states – $225 – $275; 2-4 days

Prices are rough estimates to business addresses within those areas. For residential addresses, please allow for an additional $80.00.


Due to the constantly increasing number of international shipments annually, our rates continue to drop and we extend those savings directly to the customer.

We have shipped winches to every part of the world without incident. We ship by air freight only (typically 4-5 business day transit time), and are able to land the winch at your nearest INTERNATIONAL airport. You then have the choice, at your expense, to either organize delivery from the airport to your residence or place of business, or can pick the winch up from the airport and pay the applicable customs, taxes, etc.

Typically, the air freight cost from our facility in Florida to your nearest INTERNATIONAL airport will range from $300.00 – $550.00.

Q: What are the differences between the Wake and Pro models?

There are many differences between our Wake and Pro Model winches, but we will start by saying we sell one Wake Model to every thirty Pro Models. The reason is because of what you get for the additional thousand bucks.

While the Wake Model is driven by a powerful 7HP Subaru engine and is a super reliable winch, we tend to sell them more to those for snow use and/or lighter applications on the water (150 pound riders or less). The operator must rely on a timely throttle deceleration since it does not include a brake. However, it’s 40 pounds lighter, just slightly more compact, and tends to be seen more in-tow by snowmobiles for hitting those back country features and/or for the convenience of saving a walk uphill.

The Pro Model utilizes a 9HP Subaru engine which due to the increase in bore size of the drive shaft allows for a larger torque converter with larger components all the way around. The Pro Model is able to stop on a dime due to the holsterable hydraulic brake system installed. The Pro Model has a hinged lid with a sight window, allowing the operator to know when the rider is feeling the pull and also allows for immediate access to the line in the event of a tangle. The Pro Model, which is CNC machined mostly from waterproof domestic materials, is your solution for ALL commercial applications, provides an INSANE amount of torque and power, and is READY FOR PUNISHMENT DAY IN AND DAY OUT!

Q: What all is included with each of your different models of winches?

Wake Model – 600 feet of our signature RW winch line, unique single auger/stake for securing the winch in the ground, floating ride handle, and the winch EXACTLY as it is seen on our MACHINES page. We don’t show them one way and then try and charge you for wheels, splash guards, line, etc. We sell you exactly what you need in order to have a blast, straight out of the crate (minus gas and oil obviously).

Pro Model – 600 feet of our signature RW winch line, unique single auger/stake for securing the winch in the ground, floating ride handle, S handle for help with transporting, and the winch EXACTLY as it is seen on our MACHINES page. Just to reiterate…we don’t show them one way on our site and then try and charge you for wheels, splash guards, line, etc. We sell you exactly what you need in order to have a blast, straight out of the crate (minus gas and oil obviously).

Q: Do your winches come with a warranty?

We get asked this all the time. The only part of our winch that is under warranty is the engine (2 year manufacturer’s warranty through Subaru), which is the most expensive component on the winch. Before that becomes a concern, please keep this in mind…with our winch output quickly approaching a thousand units, we have yet to hear from a single customer needing anything other than an EASILY affordable consumable. By this, we mean a new length of chain ($25.00), a torque converter belt ($40.00), or something small like a retaining ring for the torque converter jackshaft ($3.00).

Q: What winch would you suggest for my application?

For this, please call or email us! We are ready to hear your hopes and dreams!  We didn’t have a shopping cart on our website for the first 8 years of being in business for this very reason. We WILL make sure you get EXACTLY what you’re looking for, as we have done since day one!

Q: How much maintenance do your machines require?

This is another of our claims to fame. By creating every CAD file in-house, for every single component which gets machined on the winch, we are able to hold a RIDICULOUS tolerance on our parts. This in turn results in the smoothest turning winch spool and thus provides the most solid pull in the industry…hands down!

Subaru recommends changing the oil after the first 50 hours of run time, and then after every 100 hours for the life of the motor. To do this there is no unbolting of any kind required. Simply pull the rear dipstick and tip the winch. Then refill and ride!

The only other maintenance you’ll need to perform every now and then is tensioning the chain, as you would on any chain driven machine. Our machines utilize a tensioner device that results in the easiest and most efficient way to perform this task.

Q: Do I have to worry about mixing the oil and gas?

No. These are 4-stroke Subaru engines so the oil is separate from the gas. Simply roll through the gas station and add any grade of fuel to the gas tank (NO DIESEL). Obviously we recommend running 93 octane or something on the higher end since you will only be putting 1 – 1.5 gallons in your gas tank during fill-up. Protect your investment!

Q: What do your different models of winches weigh and how easy are they to transport?

Wake Model – 115 pounds

Pro Model – 155 pounds

All of our winches were engineered while keeping the rider/owner in mind. Both, Wake and Pro Models are manufactured with the ability to plug directly into any standard 2 inch receiver hitch. This allows for several benefits. It allows the winch to dry without soaking the inside of the vehicle, but more importantly offers the rider(s) the opportunity to “poach” or stealthfully charge that winch spot which may not be, what you would say, legal?!?!

Q: How hard are they to operate and what age should the operator(s) be?

It’s so easy a caveman…you get the idea! We run Subaru engines for a reason. We have yet to hear from a customer that has needed replacement parts for their engine…with nearly a thousand units in existence! All of our machines come with the owner’s manual for the Subaru engine which makes troubleshooting on-site a breeze. On top of that, we recommend you simply give us a call if there is ever ANY problem!

With regards to operator ages…we have sold winches over the years to parents that live on private beaches, acreage with private ponds/waterways, hills for when the snow falls, for their siblings ages just 11 and up. Obviously we recommend parental supervision in such cases, but the machine is super safe and super easy to operate.

Q: Why do your winches cost a little more than some others on the market?

We thought you’d never ask! Without upsetting too many fly-by-night winch “manufacturers”, we’ll start by saying, “you get what you pay for!” Let’s start with the running gear. Anyone can walk into Harbor Freight and pick up a $99.00 6.5HP Chinese engine with a 20% off coupon found anywhere you look (newspaper, magazines, on their front counter as you walk in, etc.). What’s that? You’re looking at another company’s winch with a 10, 11, or a MASSIVE 13HP engine. Ok…that engine is going to run the “manufacturer” $288.00 after coupon, and might we add, it is GARBAGE! We know because we too tested them nearly 8 years ago at start-up. The 7HP Subaru engine can’t be purchased for less than $429.00. The 9HP Subaru engine retails for $599.00. We are a dealer for Subaru engines for a reason!

Pair that motor price with a torque converter and you can see why they can sell their winches for cheap. Not only do we run AMERICAN MADE torque converter kits but we run each of our kits through our Haas CNC machines for that secret RW final touch. Our torque converters end up costing us $299.00 after that procedure is performed in-house. The “other guys” simply grab the cheap Chinese torque converters that retail for less than $99.00 on eBay and bolt them up.

Our engine and torque converter combos range from $728.00 (7HP) – $898.00 (9HP). Their Chinese engine and Chinese torque converter setup costs them between $198.00 (6.5HP chinese/imported engine) – $387.00 (13HP chinese/imported engine). There is a difference of $500.00 right there!

Now, with regards to all of the other components that go into building a winch…As Ridiculous Winches grew, so did the CNC department within our facility and we are stoked to report that the only store bought pieces on our machines today are the engine, the torque converter (although we do our own modifying in-house by CNC), wheels for transporting, bearings and chain (obviously), and line (which receives additional treatment specifically for RW). Every CAD file for every single part on our winches were designed by our engineers in our facility and executed here. From the part designing, to the machining, to the powder coating, to the assembly, to the crate manufacturing and scheduling of shipping…nothing is performed outside of our facility! We will say it yet again…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Q: Can I have my winch customized, either in color or have something of my choice machined into the waterproof sides (team, association, nickname, crew name, etc.)?

To put it simply, we can do ANYTHING!  Company logo’s, team logo’s, different color combinations, dual spools, larger wheels, spinners…whatever you would like! Obviously there would be additional fees. Please give us a call or send us a message.



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