Ben Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch Waterski
Ben Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch WaterskiBen Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch WaterskiBen Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch WaterskiBen Horan's Pro Model Wakeboard Winch, WaterskiBen Horan's Pro Model Wakeboard Winch, WaterskiBen Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch WaterskiBen Horan Pro Wakeboard Winch Waterski



Winch Details…

– 9HP 4-stroke Honda engine with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

– Over-sized AMERICAN MADE torque converter and components

– CNC waterjet cut, water resistant, light weight, signature side plates

– Waterjetted steel splash guard with RW sight window for operator convenience

– Complete hydraulic brake setup for maximum operator control

– Holstered hydraulic brake level with grip ready to grab and use

– One piece welded spool/keyed axle capable of holding 1200 ft

– 600 feet of our signature RW winch line (see PARTS PAGE for additional line)

– Every CNC machined component is made 100% here in the Ridiculous Winches factory from American material

– All powder coated parts ready to sustain the most harsh conditions

– “S” handle for aid in transporting by foot

– Unique single stake/auger kit (with pin and rod to drive and set in ground)

– Motor tensioner bracket for making chain tensioning a breeze

– Motor mount allows for transporting by hitch or “poaching” spots (get in and out quick!)


– Deep water starting capabilities up to 285 lbs

– The most RIDICULOUS pull on the market!

– Great for riders of ALL sizes and pulling just about ANYTHING!

– One and a half gallons of gas = 7 hours continuous ride time

Recommendations from the crew…

– We’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Ben Horan and the whole Remote crew for the past 6 years to create the most consistent and reliable high speed, high torque pull and THIS IS IT!  Thanks guys!

– Great for not only hitting that gnarly gap with just 30 feet of runway, but also for maintaining the torque and speed needed to shred 1200 feet up or down river, down the coast on those shoulder high days, or to hit that backyard retention pond that doesn’t allow boats.

– These units are being used for everything from ski / board camps teaching riders how to deep water start, to commercial applications in both snow and beach resorts, to providing tow’s straight into the surf for some of the most elite athletes across the globe!

– Without question, this winch was engineered to produce the most torque, turn the most rpm’s, while still remaining the most compact TRUE 9HP winch ever to be put into production!  Simply put, a winch utilizing more power will never be created at Ridiculous Winches because it’s simply unnecessary!

Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
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